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wife, mom, artist,
& coffee drinker

My story began 12 years ago when I got a Nikon D5200 kit lens as my high school graduation present. I photographed anything and everything I could. I took a break to go to college + play volleyball for 4 years, and eventually forgot about my passion. Fast forward to 2018, I got let go from my corporate marketing job and had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I kept going back to photography. The one thing I was truly passionate about. I decided to bet on myself and registered for a domain and LLC on January 1, 2019. And the rest is history :) Going into my sixth season as a wedding photographer, I’ve learned so many things about my style + approach to each and every wedding day. Fast forward to today, I live outside of Columbus, OH with my husband and our two twin toddlers, and our GSP fur baby, living in chaos, lots of belly laughs, probably cleaning up whatever mess the kids made, and loving every second of it. I’m addicted to starbucks cold brew all year round, and you can probably catch me planning our next trip somewhere really cool. 

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living in chaos with lots of belly laughs 

guided by the essence of romance, the artistry of film, and an unwavering commitment to your unique love story.

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